association of massage therapists

Preconference Workshops

Integrating Movement Therapy into your practice

Presented by Aran Bright

In this workshop you will be introduced to an assessment and treatment process, using gentle dynamic movement to increase range of motion, improve motor control and develop confidence and awareness of movement. The day will include functional movement assessment to guide the prescription of movements that target the needs of the individual. This can be used as both a self-care tool for therapists and a clinical tool for clients and patients.

We will also include a brief summary of how active movement approaches fit within recent developments in pain science, including approaching therapy from a biopsychosocial perspective. The workshop focuses on gentle, yet dynamic movement approaches that will leave you feeling freer within your body and armed with new strategies for self-care and client management.

Tricky Tarsals

Presented by Jenny Richardson

The feet are the base for the rest of the body. Do you know how to really get someone's whole foot moving again, not just the range of motion at the ankle? Learn how to assess the movement of the foot and ankle, mobilise the joints and work on fascial densifications that restrict ROM. Understand how the patterns of movement of the foot affect the knee, hip and upper body. Feet are fun - you can see a lot of change in a short time if you know where to go to find the restrictions.

Working the Thorax

Presented by Michael Solano

What if everything you knew about breathing and anatomy was thrown out? In this workshop, Michael will share some insights from his explorations of embryology, specifically how having an understanding of the concept of form following function has revolutionised his approach to treatment. He will lead you through a series of palpatory exercises and techniques that will change the way you examine and treat your patients. You will discover aspects of the sternum and upper ribs that will unlock spinal and cervical tensions more effectively than hours of massage. A combination of myofascial and post-isometric release techniques will be applied to the different layers of the thorax, cervical spine and diaphragm.