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The AMT blog was launched in mid-September 2017. It features weekly articles, news and updates of interest to AMT members and the wider massage therapy community. You’ll find the AMT blog here.

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Finding Your Village

Massage Therapists work alone but there’s no reason why Massage Therapists should feel lonely. How do you connect with your massage therapy “village”?

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Post date: 18-10-2018

The Road Less Travelled

AMT CEO Rebecca Barnett delves into the murky world of identity for massage therapists. How have we come to doubt our value to clients? Where do we go to from here? And how can we take heart from a chance encounter in a lift? All this, plus a spot of Robert Frost.

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Post date: 10-10-2018

Update: AMT Mentoring Program

AMT’s pilot mentoring scheme officially opens on Monday 10 October. Here’s a brief update on how the pilot has unfolded to date.

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Post date: 4-10-2018